We Stand in Solidarity and Support with the Jewish Community

The members of the Islamic Centers in Worcester (ISGW and WIC) along with the Muslims in the Greater Worcester area condemn in the strongest possible terms the on-going bomb threats made against the JCC and Jewish temples across the Nation.

Although no bombs were found at the Centers nevertheless, this act of hatred and mindset has no place in our society.

We offer our sincere sympathy and declare our solidarity to our Jewish brothers and sisters. We understand the nature of these threats can only cause fear, anxiety and confusion in the Jewish Community.  We can relate to this kind of fear and assure our Jewish brothers and sisters that we stand with them in deflecting this repugnant behavior against them or any religious group. A threat to one religious group is a threat to all religious groups.  

We call upon the law enforcing agencies for a swift apprehension of the perpetrators and just punishment.

We concur with Rabbis Marvin Heir and Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center that the multi-pronged threats of anti-Semitism today demand concerted action.