Interfaith Dialogue

The Islamic Society of Greater Worcester holds itself responsible for spreading peace, harmony, and learning more about other faiths and backgrounds.We believe that in current times, the need is greater than ever for people of different faith backgrounds to interact. . We hear the stories of people who seek to use faith as a barrier of division; we would like to combat their hatred with the bridging of communities.

There were multiple reasons to start interfaith activities at ISGW:

  • Appreciate knowledge of diverse religious traditions and philosophical perspectives.The amount of knowledge one has about a religion corresponds to positive attitudes toward that religion. Interfaith activities should create opportunities for participants to learn more about diverse perspectives.

  • Meaningful encounters between people of different faith and philosophical backgrounds. Actually knowing someone of a particular faith positively impacts one’s attitudes toward that religion overall. The power of interfaith activities comes from firsthand encounters, which can transform negative stereotypes building cultural competence and awareness.

  • Common service action projects between people of different backgrounds.

Relationships that involve common activities influence both personal attitudes and the bonds of a community. This is why IFYC advocates for interfaith cooperation, work such as service-learning and social action, that facilitates such meaningful encounters and builds social capital. Together different communities can work together to make a meaningful impact on the society at large.

Many Muslims considerit part of their religious duties to get to know people of other faiths and spread peace with. From learning about each other’s religions we begin to have understanding and can celebrate the similarities in our religions and understand the differences!

Interfaith meetings and discussions provide for an opportunity to strengthen our bonds amongst each other.

The Islamic Society of Greater Worcester has organized multiple interfaith dialogue sessions at the center, as well as outside in various churches and synagogues. The scholars from three Abrahamic faithshave shared their religious perspective. Groups from all faiths have made every effort to participate.

Video Lectures: