About Us

Founded and established in 1978, as the ISGW has been focal point of Islamic activities for the Muslim community. The Islamic Society of Greater Worcester (ISGW), an independent non-profit organization that is located in central Massachusetts in the city of Worcester. The ISGW is dedicated to satisfying spiritual, education and social needs of the Muslims including New Muslims.

A community of over 350 American Muslim families; many of whom have moved to the United States besides some that are born and brought within America.

The majority of the community members are professionals such as doctors, engineers , architects and teachers. The community is economically and socially quite affluent and productive.

An ethnically diverse group of people from all corners of the world that are bound together by the strong chain of their faith, Islam, their traditions and their love for freedom, justice, equality and serving humanity.

Besides maintaining a very active mosque, the community prides itself in running two full time Islamic schools and a Sunday school geared towards teaching Quran and Arabic language.

The masjid is managed by an executive committee elected by the general body. An elected board of directors oversees the executive committee and ensures that the mission and objectives of the Islamic center are fulfilled.

The ISGW is a democratically elected Islamic organization and its affairs are managed in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the ISGW. The main responsibility for the functioning of the ISGW lies with the two bodies. i.e. The Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee.

Board of Trustees consisting of 5 members and are responsible for making long term plans, establishing policies, advising and assisting the executive committee.

The Executive committee consists of 6 members and are responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the ISGW. All executive power and authority resides within itself.

Our Goals

  • To maintain one of the houses of Allah for everyone who wants to come pray or worship.
  • To provide the children of this community an opportunity to learn the basic teachings of Islam through the Sunday Islamic school.
  • To provide a place for social events in the community.
  • To promote understanding of various important issues to the community through lectures.

Board members – Current (2020-2022)

  • Dr. Amjad Bahnassi – term completion March 2022            
  • Br. Pervez Majeed – term completion March 2022              
  • Dr. Ihab Debbagh  – term completion March 2022                  
  • Dr. Khalid Sadozai – term completion March 2022      ( First Term )
  • Dr. Saleem Khanani – term completion March 2022   ( First Term ) 


  • Mohammed El-Rafai    –    President                               
  • Youssef Amellal           –    Vice President
  • Ahmed Ghannoum       –   Treasurer
  • Rubina Rindani             –    Women’s Coordinator
  • Shahzad Sadozai         –    Social Secretary
  • Abdullah Kazi               –    General Secretary
  • Dr. Saleem Khanani     –    Interfaith Relations 

Current Members

 Please see the list of our current members here.